SnapFuck – Hookup App, SnapSexting, And Nude Snaps

Have you heard of SnapFuck? The new social media sex app is making waves in the adult space. When sexual urges arise millions of internet users head to a popular tube site and watch a video, but the world of porn is evolving in different ways. Now seekers of adult content have access to sex games, direct access to porn stars, and all sorts of interactive adult entertainment. Exclusive and interactive content is inarguably the direction that porn an adult entertainment is speeding towards. What if you could access interactive porn with the chance to hookup with the person you see in the photos and videos? That is what snapfuck aims to answer. You may be wondering what exactly snap fuck is and how it relates to the popular mainstream social media app. Let’s take a look at this growing social media app and exactly how it works.

What Is SnapFuck?

You probably have social media right? I mean who doesn’t, everyone either has a Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat account. These three social media platforms are the biggest ones in the game right now. Generally it is more towards Instagram and Snapchat, and Snapchat is gaining more popularity. You can send short videos or photos, which are know as snaps and send them to whoever you like. You can send almost anything, this includes sexual items as well. Sexy selfies, snap nude photos and videos, teasing, undressing, and so much more. Snapfuck is just the adult aspect of the popular social media app. While nude content can get accounts band on the mainstream app, Snap fuck is specifically for snapsexting and hooking up.

There are porn stars and amateur adult performers that offer subscriptions to their premium snapchats which include exclusive sexual content. You will see exclusive pictures and videos and maybe even have some sex chat as one of their subscribers, but you won’t have the chance to  meet for a casual hookup.

This is where snapfuck takes it up a notch. It isn’t just a social media app where you can trade nude snaps or snapsext. Snap fuck is also a hookup app. So when you are trading snapchat nudes you can also set up a casual hookup with them also known as a snapfuck!

How Does SnapFuck Work?

Now you have and idea of what Snapfuck is, so lets look at how it works and how you can use the social media sex app to get laid.. It is pretty simple, if you know how to use a phone then you’re all good. First of all you will need Snap Fuck account. It is totally free and all you have to do is sign up and create your profile. Then add your “friends,” these can be anybody that you meet online, anyone can become your friend if they find your Snapfuck handle. All you have to do is add them, and that’s it. After that comes the photography or  snapchat nudes and snapsexting.

From there, if you like what you see, you can set up a casual sex date. This is generally all there is to it, nothing too complicated about it. The nice thing about snapfuck versus mainstream social media apps is that all the users are their specifically for naughty entertainment. Meaning everyone is down to share nude pics and videos and a lot of them are looking for a fast casual hookup.

Snap Fuck Tips

Since everyone on snapfuck is on the same page it is much easier to get snapchat nude pics and videos and  find a local hookup. There are some tips to go from snapsexting to snapfucking. Make sure to have a good profile. Have a good profile image even if it is an avatar. In your description talk about what you like and why you’re a good fuck buddy. This will attract more horny girls to your profile.

Once you connect with other users don’t be stingy. Snapfuck is all about exchanging and trading nude snaps and vids. If you just want to to get content you won’t get very far and it is very unlikely that the girl on the other end will want to meet up for a casual fuck if you don’t give her a teaser.

The last tip is to be active on snapfuck. You want to cast a wide net. Everyone that you sext with or exchange snap nudes with isn’t going to be down to meet and fuck. The more interactions you have going on, the more likely that you will be able to evolve them into a snapfuck. So make sure that you are connecting with as many horny women as you can. Just like snapchat your messages will disappear in 24 hours so no need to worry about saying something stupid, just go for it.