Sex sites For Swingers And Couples

Monogamy is old school and swinger dating is hot! In fact, consensual non-monogamy is growing rapidly, especially with young adults according to an article from  Psychology Today reviewing recent studies.

The problem is that most of the mainstream dating sites don’t always offer features for couples interested in swinging. Instead, they seek to cater to the singles who are looking for a traditional relationship or a hook up. This makes the process of finding local swingers a bit complicated.

However, it’s only complicated and not impossible. Fortunately, online portals do exist and they cater to the entire range of swinger sex seekers. These sites bring out swingers around the globe and hook them up for casual sex dating, group sex parties, and all types of kinky stuff.

Now you just need to find the right platforms for you. Finding out which sites are perfect for you and cater to your needs may require a bit of time and can be confusing with all of the different options. Sites like SiteJabber and Reddit are making things a bit complicated.

To make navigating the online world of swinger sex dating easier we have researched and compiled a whole range of top swinger dating sites that are worth exploring. According to psychotherapist  Dr. Tammy Nelson, “swinging means having sex with other partners, together or apart.” No matter what kind of kinky swinger experience you are looking for, our list has a solution. So, without further ado, let’s check them out.

1. AdultFriendFinder

This is one of the best options when it comes to swinger dating sites. It hosts the world’s biggest online swinger and sex community. AFF allows subscribers to access thousands of blogs and articles related to casual dating, alternative sex lifestyles, and more. If you want to be more experimental leaving the traditional comfort zone and want some insights from the kinksters around the world, this site is your ultimate destination.

It also supports direct mails and messages. You can also flirt with virtual gifts, pokes and blog comments. Live webcam broadcasts, adult chat rooms, groups and photo contests help the users to communicate with each other. You can also earn a membership and get classes through the sex academy. The best thing is that AFF has a user friendly mobile sex app and you can easily perform all the same tasks on your mobile device.

The website is absolutely free for anyone to join however you have to get a VIP profile with some proprietary tokens to access high quality content. Upgrade to the Gold Membership to access all the facilities of the online casual sex portal.

Membership payment options: $15 per month for one year gold member ship $20 per month for three month gold membership $20 for one month gold membership.

2. Swap Finder

This is a reliable swinger dating site and rapidly earning popularity. It has a more user friendly and simple interface. Instant messaging and viewing entire profiles of potential swinging partners is facilitated by Swap Finder.

Users can join the site for free but they have to upgrade regularly to gain advantage of all the perks and features offered on this swinger platform. Membership payment options:

$30 for a one month premium membership $15 per month for a year long premium membership $20 per month for a three month long premium membership

3. Swinger Date Link

According to reviewers, swinger date link is one of the best  swinger dating sites. The site itself is lightweight, but a lot of cool features are packed into it. Instead of waiting for the chatbot to reply, people are really active and the admins take note. If you don’t want to disclose your own identity or sexual preference, you may hide your profile while looking for your perfect match.

Swinger Date Link also supports audio and video chatting for their paid members. The variety of chat settings is also a fascinating aspect of the site. If you want to indulge in serious chatting queries, you will want to get the premium membership.

SDL is free to join for everyone. However, the free version offers limited search features and messaging opportunities. Nevertheless, you can indulge in real life swinger and couple swapping fun with the free and premium memberships.

Membership payment options: $9.86 per month for a year long premium membership $14.86 per month for a three month long premium membership $29.86 per month for a month long premium membership This swinger sex platform is a bit more pricey than some of the other platforms. However, its features and unique chat settings are sure to amaze you and offer strong value for money.

4. Swingers Date Club

The name suggests it all. Swingers Date Club is the online meeting place for swinger couples from all corners of the globe. It has rapidly earned fame and trust from these sex seekers since 2000. The site focuses mainly on bringing members together by arranging various private and public swinger events. However, these are based on exclusive invite only. Swingers Date Club differs from competitors by providing various advanced features. You can explore your sexual desires like voyeurism and active involvement.

Also, the swingers gateway feature is extremely sextastic as it allows couples or groups to arrange a vacation together. This is a unique feature and you may not get it anywhere else. You might have heard of this site in the portals like Reddit.

SDC is a free site to join for everyone but the benefits will be limited for free users. However, paid members can unlock exclusive offers like live cams, vacation spending, and unlimited chatting.

Membership payment options: $24.95 per month for one month long premium membership $16.65 per month for three month long premium membership $19 per month for a year long premium membership $13.33 per month for a six month long premium membership

If you are a long time swinger or are interested in getting involved in the alternative sex lifestyle, any of these sites would be worth checking out. You will find that the online swinger community is very active and welcoming to new members.